Baby Pink Marabou Fluffy Boa 6 feet 20G

Marabou-Boa-2 Yards-20g-babyPink
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This Baby Pink Marabou Feather Boa is made of sanitized natural feathers. Baby Marabou Boa - 6 feet or 2 yards 20 g Please get the boa out of the bag and let it relax two days to get a fluffy look

This?Black Marabou?Feather Boa is made of sanitized natural feather, soft and fluffy .

You not only can use it to trim angel wings, pillows, or make costumes, but also can use this delightful fuzzy boa for baby hats, baby barrettes, hair puffs, beanies, lingerie, hairbands, whatever you can imagine.

Color Black
Length 6 feet
20 grams