Q. Are your feathers real or synthetic?

A.   All our feathers are 100% real bird feathers. Feather Paradise is an eco-friendly company. ALL the feathers we sell are byproducts of other industries, otherwise, would have been discarded.

Q. Do you charge sales tax?

A.   We are located in Atlanta, Georgia.  We only charge sales tax if you are in Georgia.  If your shipping address is not within Georgia,  no sales tax will be charged.  

Q. How fast do you ship?

A.   If you place your order before 12:00 pm EST, chances are we can get it out the same day or the next business day.   Orders placed after 12 P.M. on Friday, or on the weekend will be shipiped out on Monday.

Q. What method of shipping do you use?

A.   We ship through FedEx or USPS Priority Mail whenever possible. However, if the order is being shipped outside the U.S. or Canada, we will usually ship through the U.S. Postal Service. If you are in the state of Georgia there is a good chance you will receive your order the very next day.

Q.   How many ostrich feathers should I use in each centerpiece?

A. Most people use 2 dozens (24 pieces) feathers per centerpiece. You can mix colors and sizes depending on budget and personal taste.

Q.  What sizes of ostrich feathers can be used to make centerpieces?

A. It depends on how tall your vases are. People usually use feathers 12 inches and above. Basically, the higher your vases are, the longer your feathers should be.

Q.  What size ostrich feathers do you have?

A. 6-8,8-10,12-14,14-16,16-18, 18-20,20-22, and 22-24 inches.

Q: Are feather balls good to be used as centerpieces?

A: Yes.  Feather balls are the new hottest wedding centerpieces in the USA.  We have two styles and 12 different colors for you to choose from.  Feather balls are very good for centerpieces for many reasons. Ostrich feather centerpieces need lots of ostrich feathers and straight floral foams and take time to arrange. While feather ball centerpieces are easier to create. You just put them on vases or hang them in air. They are simply beautiful.  Our feather balls are best looking and of good quality.   

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