Red Ostrich Plumes Male Ostrich Wing Large Feathers 24-26 inch 12 Pieces

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Red Ostrich Feathers 24-26 inches Sanitized and Hand-sorted 12 Pieces Luxury and rare Our feathers are strong and big male ostrich wing plume Thick quill, not thin ones Large male ostrich feathers are more expensive than female ones. If you saw low price ones, mostly they are female feathers. Nowadays the price of ostrich feathers is climbing up so fast. It is harder and harder to get good quality large feathers.

Red Ostrich Feathers Wholesale 24-26 inches Sanitized and Hand-sorted 12 Pieces

Color RED
Feather Size 24-26?inch
Feather Color:
Feather Size:
24-26 inches
Pack Size:
12 pieces