Turquoise Ostrich Feather Trims/Sew On Ostrich Feather Fringe 1 Yard 1

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Ostrich Feather Trims for Crafts/garments

This handmade feather fringe is made from Ostrich feathers.

The fringe is approx 4-6" long and sewn onto a polyester-blend bias tape.

1 yard/pc

Color: Turquoise

We cooperated with ASOS, ZARA and other designers, so you can trust our quality.

Price upon quantities and sizes

If you need other colors, we can customize any size and color, feather trims and garments for you in 7 days.

Just call us to discuss the details.


Fringe Color:
Feather Length:
4-5 inches
Fringe Length:
1 Yard