FeatherParadise Candy/Baby Pink Premium Feather Pomander/Feather Balls/Rose Balls/Flower Balls/ Ornaments/ 16 Inch

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Candy Pink? Premium Feather Pomander Wedding? Balls/Feather Balls are the new hottest? wedding decorations in the USA. Our feather balls feature rich, dense feathers for a gorgeous appearance.The foam ball is solid,not hollow.

You can use them in many ways, such as mounting them on vases for centerpieces or hanging (each one with a small looped string)

Made of premium goose feathers

The biggest of? feather balls supplier in the USA

Highest quality and best- looking

weight: around 1/4 lb

SKU FB-Candy Pink-16
Material Natural Feathers
Color Candy Pink

Feather Color:
Feather Ball Size:
16 inches